Starting again

Here we ago again, this time with a new family member and new roles in Life for my husband Jason and me.  How things change.  Writing this first blog post has taken almost three months; I know I can do better!  I jest.  Between writing-up my research for publication, organising our wedding celebration,  moving abroad  and learning to be a mother I have decided to throw in writing a Baby-Momma travel blog, to keep me sane mostly.  Why you may ask would I feel like I am loosing my sanity- if only at times? Well you’ll have to keep reading to find out!  No, honestly I like to write, and actually I feel like I need to write as a form of art, like needing fresh air or a walk in the wilderness.  And no, I am not really loosing my sanity, though if I was I’m sure I could convince you I’m not, so you’ll never know! Again I jest, or do I?

The next blog post was written before this in Morocco last June 2017, this post was written today the 4th of November 2017, in case there’s any confusion!

Enjoy the journey and stay in touch as we venture the tropical regions of our beautiful planet!

Love to you all!