The quiet

This blog was written from beautiful Belfast, where we are ‘stranded’ for a few more weeks…

Walking past ‘No Alibis‘ an iconic crime book shop in Botanic avenue, Belfast, I read with interest the placard displayed outside ” beware the baroness of a busy life”,- Socrates.

Humm, well my life is certainly busy, and often one has no choice in the matter of business.  Pedalling, as a friend of mine calls it, between her full-time job and running a home with all its challenges; some pedalling harder than others.  And yet now I find myself at home alone.  Ella off with our lovely neighbour, Ann, to a nearby kids play centre and Jason in Costa Rica, working hard and yes, surfing; I can barely say the latter!

It’s quiet.  I can’t remember feeling silence like this in over a year, maybe more.  My list of things-to-do sits on my desk beside me numbered one to nine: scan 26 research files in case I need more info when back in Costa Rica, write our wedding thank you cards (so late, I know), open bank account for Ella before more cheques expire, finally apply for PPI in case I may be owed some money, in the hope I may be owed some money…

But these lists are always there, here with us making me feel like there is more to do before I can-relax? Feel there’s nothing more pending, looking over me? How dramatic! You’re alive, you fool, I giggle to myself.

Two books arrived today, short essays by Mary Oliver and David Whyte’s, ‘Every thing Is waiting for you’,  both covered in pictures of nature, trees and woodland, an escape from lists and computers.  As I stare out my window the silver birch, standing tall beside the evergreen, is glistening in the sun’s light dominating my view on this grey day. But how beautiful and if I had energy I would go for a walk in our nearby forest, Belvoir park.  Instead I opt for a hot bath with Dead Sea salts, some yoga and the prospect of reading one my new purchases, to lose my self in the wilderness of poetry and words.

This morning I listened to a piece on BBC radio four about the charity ‘Ginger Bread’ for single parents, a parent without help from the father or mother to their child and often no other family support.  It’s a full-time, on-call job being a parent without a partner to help at night when you’ve left the paracetamol syringe downstairs and your child, 11 months old, is still sleeping in bed with you and the cot still isn’t built and she is crying in pain and you’re tired and hope she will settle so as you don’t have to get up and carry her downstairs to look for what ever it is you need.

Yes, silence is peace but there’s nothing like a good old yarn and a laugh with your friend or neighbour or the lovely staff in the action cancer shop down the road.

It’s Sunday now and two days ago I finally built the cot, and as I type Ella is asleep after 40 minutes of fighting it, crying and standing up in protest, me soothing her while she marvels at the colourful nude painting on the wall, and we try again. And this time, the last time, we have silence, just the repetitive musical mobile still playing out merrily.  And I make my self a cup of tea and savour my last cream eclair courtesy of my old friend Val.

Author: thesewideeyes

Doctor, Mother, traveller, by day understanding life.

2 thoughts on “The quiet”

  1. Oh Dear friend! I love your words, I really hope you can embrace the moment you are in now and can come back soon to see that little baby running around, I owe you a play date and a coffee. Please let me know when you get back. And enjoy the never ending to do list as we now it it’s never ending and always growing but it keeps us away from a boring live! ❤️😜🤷🏽‍♀️😊

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