We are Siobhan– that’s me- and my 5 month old daughter Ella.

It’s August 2017.  Already we have travelled to four countries, refining our baby-packing list and learning about the culturally different practices for looking after children.  Avoiding mosquitos and other earthly health hazards has played a large part in our travel experiences. Fun and tiring, and sometimes testing, we have learned to accept help from many strangers to whom baby Ella has been a magnet of affection and friendship.

Until Ella came along I had dedicated the last 17 years of my life to practicing medicine, the last 20 or more to travelling and the last 10 to surfing the world’s waves.    Now, on a short career break from life as a family doctor and as a carer to my brother with Down syndrome, I am finally together with my husband in the same country.

Through this blog I hope to share with you our travel stories, along with some medical insights and maybe even a little medical history!

Good bye Marrakech, See you soon Belfast, Hello Nosara!

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